Leadership and Objectivity

I often tell people around me, “To objectively read a book is impossible.”  This is an important principle that many of you know in one way or another.  However, most people do not realize how fundamental this idea is to business growth. A corollary to this phrase would be: to objectively view a customer, supplier, worker, or other stakeholder is… Read more →

Right People, Right Places

Surely, this is not a new idea. I suggest it is taken too lightly just the same. A company I helped had a middle aged conservative engineer who had never led anythng in his life. Many said he was afraid of his shadow. They had a productions manager who spent much of his time networking while the workers played quite… Read more →

Political Realities

All Roads Lead to China noted a Forbes article on the politics of being in China . The Article notes that there are more risks and more opportunities in China than in the West.  China is growing and maturing while the West is a relatively static and mature market. The Article noted that China’s overall environment should be part of… Read more →

Who Do We Trust

Leadership is often about the skill of knowing who to trust. Some men who did not get to lead in their home office but do get to lead in China fall to this issue. They can get resume focused and forget that their most critical need is hiring people they can trust.  The same goes for cooperating with others outside… Read more →

A New Year's Resolution

I have been taking some time this week to coach my direct reports. I coach all the time. However, this is deeper and a chance to take an hour or even more to go deeper with my people. We are busy, and it is not super convenient. However, these non urgent things need to get done. Reviewing performance and cleaning… Read more →

Develop or Fire – No Other Options For Leading

Developing in any relationship is smart. Firing workers who are not on the same page with us is necessary. What I see is that many leaders also have a 3rd category. They use workers and vendors. Let us make a firm commitment not to use anyone. We will not use workers or vendors. If you have a worker who is… Read more →

Bogus Resumes and Scott Thompson of Yahoo!

Scott Thompson, CEO of Yahoo!, has a computer science college degree listed that he never received (It was accounting).  Another leader at Yahoo! has a degree that she got but in a different major.  See the whole story here So if a relatively honest and even naive America can have falsehood in resumes, then how do you feel resume falsification… Read more →

More People, More Problems?

Some companies automate to keep head count down as people are their headache. It is so sad to me to hear. Sure, automation is needed in many cases, but to throw up our hands at the people problems and automate is not good business. We invest in good equipment. We should also invest up front to get good people.  We… Read more →

What to Think When it is Hard to Get and Keep Good People

I saw this at LinkedIn recently.  “A recent survey by the executive-recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles found that 77 percent of the senior executives from multinational companies responding say they have difficulty attracting managers in China, while 91 percent regard employee turnover as their top talent challenge.” If you are in China, you did not need to hear this as… Read more →