Gary Locke Talks Family, Fitness and His Reasons for Leaving China

Gary Locke, while serving as the US ambassador to China, has been a highly visible figure and has been able to maintain a good reputation amongst the Chinese people. Locke is an ABC, or American born Chinese, and has been the most hands-on ambassador to China. He has become a model example of how native Chinese can also achieve the… Read more →

Shadow banking on the rise in China

As China’s economy continues to slowdown, economists believe there will be a higher risk of trust products defaulting. The high profile case involving one of China’s largest state owned enterprises, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), renewed the spotlight on a type of lending that has grown so quickly it is worrying China’s State Council and the International… Read more →

Lew: Emerging Markets, China Cloud Economic Outlook

Treasury Secretary Jacob J. Lew said risks including volatility in emerging markets and China’s economic agenda are clouding the global outlook, requiring nations to focus on boosting growth and job creation. “There has been considerable volatility in global markets, especially in several emerging markets,” Lew said in a letter to his Group of 20 colleagues Tuesday. “We are monitoring these… Read more →

China stocks close higher on Wednesday

Chinese shares closed higher on Wednesday with the benchmark Shanghai Composite Index up 1.11 percent, or 23.49 points, to finish at 2,142.55. The Shenzhen Component Index gained 1.55 percent, or 121.47 points, to close at 7,953.94.

China CITIC Bank profits up 26 pct

The China CITIC Bank net profit rose 26.2 percent to 39.2 billion yuan (6.4 billion U.S. dollars) in 2013, according to a Tuesday report. By the end of last year, the bank’s total assets stood at 3.64 trillion yuan, up 23 percent, while its business income rose 16.9 percent to 105 billion yuan. The bank’s non-performing loan (NPL) ratio was… Read more →

Invasions of Privacy: Explaining the Issue of Personal Space in China

American anthropologist Edward T Hall is renowned for developing Proxemics—the study of how human beings react and behave in regards to personal space. Hall’s concept of a “personal reaction bubble” describes the various “invisible zones” that surround each and every one of us and who we’ll allow in each. Outside of a 3.6 m bubble is the “public space”, which… Read more →

Chinese president meets Hungarian PM

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban Viktor on Thursday and they pledged to boost cooperation between the two countries. Hailing the traditional friendship between China and Hungary, Xi said the Chinese people will not forget Hungary’s precious help soon after the establishment of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 1949. Xi lauded the development of… Read more →

News Analysis: Not an easy job for China’s economy

Good or bad? That’s a question for all forecasters to answer concerning China’s economic performance in 2014, as the world’s second-largest economy looks to weather a bumpy start. It won’t be an easy job ahead for China, according to economists who have close ties with the country’s policymakers. “Prepare for the hard time and act frugally,” warned Li Yining, a… Read more →

Strong exports data defies signs of slowing Chinese economy

  Iron ore imports surge 18 pc, copper 21 pc on month Stockpiling, holiday disruptions likely the cause, not demand Overall trade figures raise optimism about China’s economy China’s imports of crude oil, iron ore and copper hit record highs in January, though some of the unexpected strength was put down to stockpiling ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays… Read more →

More opportunity for Indonesia in China

Indonesia needs to speed up its economic integration and connectivity to grasp market opportunities in China following the opening of the ASEAN Products Exhibition Center in Yiwu, China, an official said on Wednesday. The Beijing-based ASEAN-China Center (ACC)’s director for education, culture and tourism division, Tri Purnajaya, said China considered ASEAN important as a net contributor to regional economic growth,… Read more →